Visual Thinking – on whiteboards and flipcharts

Half Day


What you will learn:

  • Principles of visual thinking
  • Natural stages of visual thinking
  • How to take in and filter information
  • The visual thinking process
  • Simple techniques to visualize ideas
  • The six ways of seeing
  • The SQVID
  • How to create blended presentations
  • Common sense rules and techniques
  • Pros and cons of whiteboards and flipcharts and when to use them

Practical examples and exercises

Training Overview:

Using pictures to clarify complexity, banish confusion and defeat fear!

This training is to a large extent based on the work on Dan Roam and his great book ‘The Back of a Napkin’. This training will remind you not only of the value of using pictures to show your ideas, but teaches practical and applicable ways to use them – regardless of artistic talent. Most presentation are just a series of slides, however using whiteboards and flipcharts (and visual thinking tools) you are more likely to engage with your audience and get your messages across and as a result increase your chance of achieving your presentation’s goals.

Who is the training for?:

This training is design for anyone, executives, directors, mangers and marketing people, who deliver traditional presentations using slides, but would like to increase the opportunity to engage with their audience. If your audience tends to ‘switch off’ during your presentations then this training is for you.