Prezi Design and Delivery

Half Day


What you will learn:

  • Prezi concept and when to use
  • Prezi software – overview tools
  • Customizing to your corporate branding and style
  • Technical features – inserting text, images, video, animations etc
  • Creating transitions – that avoid ‘seasickness’ feeling.
  • How best to use the zooming feature
  • Understanding the creation workflow
  • PowerPoint conversion
  • Blended presentations Prezi with PowerPoint / white board etc
  • How and where to store your finished presentations
  • Choosing the best Prezi license option for you and your team

Training Overview:

Prezi is fast becoming the new kid on the block!

Prezi’s most noticeable feature is its zoom in and out function which really brings your message to life. Instead of “flicking” from one slide to the next – as you would do in your good old PowerPoint presentation – Prezi gives you a chance to explore a canvas of ideas by focusing on minute detail as well as allowing you to see the big picture. Instead of a slide show which offers information in accumulation, Prezi favours visual learning and works very much like a graphic organiser or a mind map. Therefore, it highlights the way concepts are interconnected.

Who is the training for?:

This training is for anyone who has to design and deliver presentations but are looking for a new media which if used correctly can support the impact you make.