Presentation Delivery – Connect and Engage

Two Days


What you will learn:

  • Presentation delivery skills
  • How to connect and engage with the audience
  • Making a powerful and confident beginning (and ending)
  • Congruent body language
  • Eye contact and micro facial expressions
  • Supportive hand gestures
  • Keeping cool under pressure
  • How to deal with nerves
  • Vocal and rhetorical techniques
  • How to answer questions
  • Blended presenting, slides, flipchart, whiteboard and demos
  • PRACTICE -Presentation delivery and feedback
  • Film – feedback and analysis

Training Overview:

Connecting and engaging with the audience is the differentiator

If the audience are not engaged during the presentation they will not get your message and are unlikely to take the right action, so your presentation will fail. The first step is to have a relevant key message and presentation which is structured to gain maximum impact. Then it is all about delivering in an engaging way. This training will look at vocal as well as visual impact and give you feedback on your delivery skills.

Body language is not only about learning how to communicate through your body; it is also about being conscious of other people’s non-verbal signals as a way to improve communication skills.

Who is the training for?:

Individuals whose success depends upon strong, engaging business presentations. It is the perfect training for experienced communicators, executives, managers, team leaders and consultants.