PowerPoint Masterclass

Half Day


What you will learn:

  • Slide Layout tools and techniques
  • Advanced organisational charts & graphs and tables
  • Images – searching/ utilising/ importing/ static/ animated
  • Movie clips & sound Clips – inserting/ playback timing
  • Advanced transitions & animation – applying/ controlling/ emphasis/ exit/ motion Paths
  • Custom Shows & Workshop
  • Creating special effects
  • Advanced tricks and tips
  • Working with templates and pre-designed slides

Training Overview:

Don’t ‘blame’ the tool, just ‘blame’ the user!

The phrase DEATH by POWERPOINT has often been used and PowerPoint seems to be getting the blame for many a managers’ poor presentations. If PowerPoint is abused then the presentation will fail. If PowerPoint is used in the hands of a creative person, then the slides and presentation design will go a long way in supporting the delivery of a successful, engaging results focused presentation.

Who is the training for?:

This training is designed for managers and assistants and other personnel who must design presentations using Microsoft’s PowerPoint. A basic knowledge is required so this training will take the participants up the highest level and support he creation of great presentations in PowerPoint