Executive Presentations

90 minute executive briefing


What you will learn:

  • The presentation development process
  • Focusing on a key message for your specific audience
  • Developing content based presentations
  • How story structure engages the audience and is memorable
  • How to think like a designer
  • How to engage audiences during an ‘all hands presentations’
  • Connecting on an emotional as well as logical level
  • Creating visual support (slides) that support the message
  • Key mistakes to avoid
  • How to get the audience to take the action you intended

Training Overview:

Never underestimate the cost of getting executive presentations wrong!

If the presentations delivered by the C- level executives and department directors are not at the highest level then the potential for lost value in your company is huge. Many executives rarely get candid feedback and continue to deliver presentations that not focused on the needs and expectations of the audience. Often their audiences are a different generation, with more and more millennials. Many presentations are too long, overloaded with facts and dates and are low on emotional connection. If executives do not move with the times and update their presentations and style they will face the same consequences as the dinosaurs and will become extinct or worse will continue to influence the communication culture in their company in a negative way.

Who is the training for?:

This training is designed for C – level executives, Directors and senior mangers