How it Started!

Although Vision Presentations is a new brand, we have been involved with presentation design and delivery for a long time. Our training was delivered in the past by Vision Training. As we delivered more and more training, we were asked again and again to give additional support with presentation conception and design. Our target is to be regarded as one of Europe’s leading presentation design agencies, and we are already a long way down this road.

Over the years we have gain extensive experience and have built up a team of talented creative people with the enthusiasm and talent to support clients and change the landscape of presentations .


Trevor Smith

Managing Partner

Trevor is an internationally recognized trainer and coach, and is the founder of Vision Presentations, one of the top presentation consultancy and design companies in Europe.Our goal is simple – support businesses to create more powerful, engaging and effective presentations.Serving customers from our Prague office, Trevor and his team have worked with many top companies and thought leaders, helping them to develop presentations that get results.Trevor specializes in content development, key messaging as well as delivery coaching. When not working you will find Trevor playing with his two kids, running, playing golf, reading for pleasure or even tasting some exquisite malt whisky from his home country Scotland.

Stephanie Brush

Content and Delivery Coach

Stephanie is an award-winning public speaker with a background in speech coaching, theater, Improve, English language training, and creative writing.She is the author of two books (now writing a third,) and has lived in Prague for the past ten years. She is passionate about communication and creativity-- and about finding joyful ways in which to link these two. When she is not teaching or coaching, she is traveling in Europe (she speaks French and Czech) and performing as a jazz singer.

Suzanne Vekeen

Content and Delivery Trainer

Suzanne knows how to find and formulate ‘the story’, how to bring this across to a divers audience, and how to create engagement to make the story become alive and meet its purpose. Her background in the consultancy industry has allowed her to manage the above in a wide variety of environments where she frequently structured complex messages into layman’s language.Suzanne is a certified coach (accredited by the EMCC on Practitioner level in 2015), trainer and consultant and described by clients as a fast thinker, someone with a sincere interest in people, credible, and not afraid to bring a bit of humour to the table.She loves to write for both adults and children, and can be found outdoors on a pair of skies, on her bike, or on a yoga mat in her spare time.