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How long should it take to prepare a presentation?

Answer: It depends –

It depends on many factors; however, I strongly believe the most important factor is the importance of the presentations outcome! What is the value of the outcome of the presentation. What will it mean, what does it do for you or your company.

If you think about it –  if your presentation is as clear cut as a ‘sales’ presentation where the outcome, if it goes in your favour, is a multimillion contract. The time you and your team will invest in the presentation should be enormous! But even here many presenters still do not prepare well enough and often are not successful with the presentation as they fail to close the deal.

One of the problems I have often seen is that senior managers do not think that much about the importance of the outcome. If for example, the presentation is a ‘town hall meeting’ withthe whole company. And the presentation’s objective is to inform the ‘company’ about the strategy going forward and to motivate and encourage performance, but little thought and practice is put into the preparation, then the hidden ‘costs’ can be high. The lack of preparation and practice will filter down to the bottom line.

So what is the key to preparing well?

Preparation should include audience profiling, being VERY clear on the message, ensuring you include only relevant and meaningful content and thendesigning slides (or any other visual support material) that support you and the message and have the need impact.

Then practice,practice and even more practice.  In my experience, I have never seen anyone not deliver the second presentation better than the first practice (assuming they get some quality feedback and then implement this feedback).

It has often been said – ‘Practice makes Perfect’.

I do not agree –

what I say is that   –

PERFECT practice makes PERFECT –

If you have a critical presentation coming up and need some support get InTouch with me, I would be happy to see if I can help you.

Trevor Smith


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